Get to Know Me Better

Get to Know Me Better

For those on here that don’t know me – let me introduce myself! 

I grew up in a big beautiful, blended family, in Harvey, NB. I went to St. Thomas University and studied social work, and the University of Maine for a graduate degree. I got married during my undergraduate degree to Chris (between first and second semester). I know, we were crazy. But our bond is as fierce as we are stubborn, and we will celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. After living in Fredericton for 7 years, we moved to Saint John and had our first baby, Joshua. After a year, we moved to Galway, Ireland, where Chris completed a Masters in Law. After this, Chris’ work with the United Nations moved us to The Netherlands for nearly a year, then to Cambodia for 2 years. We had our dear little Levi in Cambodia. We moved back on Duke Street, Saint John in 2012. After a year, we bought a house in Quispamsis and had our baby girl, Ruth, in 2014. The joy of my life was in my home, with my young children. I also babysat for 5 years until Ruth started kindergarten, during which I also started school (aka “work outside the home”) as an Educational Assistant. 

For every sentence in the above paragraph, I could share a thousand stories. The vibrancy of our lives, from the cultural contexts in which we lived and travelled, to my own personal journey as a woman, wife and mother, and the challenges of marriage and parenting, has certainly filled up the pages of my mind and heart. My cup is full and overflowing with the richness only a full spectrum of experiences and emotions can provide. I refuse to say “I lost myself” during my “stay at home mom” years, since the emotional nourishment I provided my children over these years was undoubtedly mutual. I do not regret the long days at home, sitting for appointments with 3+ children, and the overarching question of wondering if I would ever retire the oversized diaper bag. To put things into perspective of how “at home” I was: it was 14 years before my husband and I spent a night away from our children!

As my children learned to climb the monkey bars, I had my own playground within my mind – dreaming of all the things I would love to do someday. I can assure you I considered most vocations while having (what the world considers) no vacation. My passion to pursue a business never grew weary and I’ve endured a great deal of restlessness over the last 20 years. Now as a businesswoman, the context that I find myself in is exciting, to say the least. I’m at a point in my life where I’m learning to live in a new way, as this middle age mind and body transitions into the next season of life. It’s so much more than starting a new career. 

I am so thankful for this cup that I’ve been given. It is a privilege. My plan now is to pour. Yes, to pour, and to extend the tent pegs; to furnish beyond the confines of my own home. Our lives interweave to create a beautiful tapestry, a fantastic ballad. And I’m embracing this new season and ready to play out my dreams.